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Climate & Energy

These pieces cover the technology, policy and debate for how to balance human energy needs while caring for the planet, its climate and inhabitants.

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Climate & Energy, Fall 2022, Maria Petrova

Seven Reasons to Learn About Energy

A sustainable future calls for a changing energy landscape. Dr. Maria Petrova lays down seven reasons to learn about our energy system and how we can act to improve it.

October 17, 2022

Alannah Nathan, Climate & Energy, Fall 2022

Is the oil and gas industry ready for the energy transition? 

Much of the success–or failure–of the energy transition hinges on the role of the oil and gas industry. Common Home editor Alannah Nathan shares insights from her current research on the industry.

October 15, 2022

Climate & Energy, Environmental Health, Fall 2022

Preparing for Climate Disasters

All sectors are–and will continue to be–increasingly affected by climate change. The medical field is no exception. Whether responding to patients adversely affected by extreme weather events, air pollution, or even the mental health impacts of climate change, the medical field must be prepared.

October 2, 2022