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These articles explore how to position societies, governments, corporations and individuals to have a positive impact on the planet while creating the conditions for humans to thrive.

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Alexa Boglitz, Spring 2022, Sustainability

The Problem with Recycling

Georgetown College student Alexa Boglitz dissects the Redue, Reuse, Recycle axiom.

June 3, 2022

Climate & Energy, Interviews, Mark Agard, Spring 2022, Sustainability

Reimagining Cities: The Future of Urban Planning

An interview with Dr. Christopher Pyke of the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies on the future of urban planning, by Common Home editor Mark Agard.

April 27, 2022

A group of students gather at the GREEN, an environmental student organization, clothing swap in December 2021

Climate & Energy, Food & Water, Sadie Morris, Spring 2022, Sustainability

Going GREEN at Georgetown

A profile of Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environment Network (GREEN).

April 13, 2022