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These articles explore how to position societies, governments, corporations and individuals to have a positive impact on the planet while creating the conditions for humans to thrive.

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Alannah Nathan, Fall 2022, Interviews, Miguel CuUnjieng, Sustainability

Alumni Spotlight: Miguel CuUnjing Associate Director of North America – Engagement at Federated Hermes; MSB MBA 2015

Georgetown alumnus Miguel CuUnjieng (MSB ‘15) is the Associate Director for EOS at Federated Hermes on the North American team. Miguel shares his experience working in corporate social responsibility and ESG issues, including how he made his start in the field and the lasting influence of his Georgetown education in paving his career path.

October 15, 2022

Biodiversity, Fall 2022, Maya Snyder, Sustainability

Hungry Worms and High-Tech Jaguars

In the face of growing climate change impacts, it’s becoming increasingly important for communities to balance environmental and social needs. Six organizations across the globe are employing unique, small-scale solutions to create more sustainable communities.

October 2, 2022

Fall 2022, Interviews, Sustainability

Alumni Spotlight: NASA Scientist Argyro Kavvada, PhD

From the Aegean Sea to studying the skies: Georgetown alumnus Dr. Agyro Kavvada talks about the experiences that led her to a career in the environmental field at NASA.

October 2, 2022