Wildflowers in front of a burnt forest


These articles explore how to position societies, governments, corporations and individuals to have a positive impact on the planet while creating the conditions for humans to thrive.

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Cecilia Cassidy, Climate Change, Spring 2024, Sustainability

What’s Under Foot: Land, Environment, and Climate Change

Georgetown professor Tim Bartley draws the significant connection between land and climate change.

March 26, 2024

Cecilia Cassidy, Food & Water, Sarah Devermann, Spring 2024, Sustainability

Leveraging Technology to Make Smallholder Farming Sustainable

Georgetown alumni shares her work in making technology available for small farmers.

March 22, 2024

Alannah Nathan, Cecelia Cassidy, Food & Water, Spring 2024, Sustainability

MICHELIN Guide’s Green Star Celebrates Sustainability at the World’s Top Restaurants

Common Home editor, Alannah Nathan, examines Michelin Guide’s new Green Star awards and some of its recipients.

March 20, 2024