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Performers on a dark stage in the spotlight

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These pieces investigate how artists and cultural movements are influencing policy and practice using interdisciplinarity, emotion, and humanity.

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Arts & Culture, Cecilia Cassidy, Food & Water, Jan Menafee, Summer 2023

Watering Whole

Excerpts from Jan Menafee’s new poetry collection “Watering Whole”

October 12, 2023

Arts & Culture, Ashanee Kottage, Cecilia Cassidy, Climate Change, Madhura Shembekar, Summer 2023

An Irresistible Revolution: One Alumni’s Art-Based Change

Earth Commons research analyst Ashanee Kottage and Common Home Editor Madhura Shembekar discuss performance art and climate storytelling.

October 6, 2023

Arts & Culture, Elyza Bruce, Summer 2023, What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading: “Meltwater” by Claire Wahmanholm

In the poetry collection “Meltwater,” Claire Wahmanholm poignantly articulates the grief, anxiety, and uncanniness of ecological disaster and explores what it means to raise children in a world threatened by climate change.

September 11, 2023