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These pieces investigate how artists and cultural movements are influencing policy and practice using interdisciplinarity, emotion, and humanity.

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Arts & Culture, Elyza Bruce, Summer 2023, What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading: “Meltwater” by Claire Wahmanholm

In the poetry collection “Meltwater,” Claire Wahmanholm poignantly articulates the grief, anxiety, and uncanniness of ecological disaster and explores what it means to raise children in a world threatened by climate change.

September 11, 2023

Arts & Culture, Cecilia Cassidy, Summer 2023

Nature, Crisis, Consequence: Using the Past to Rethink Environmental Change

Common Home editor Cecilia Cassidy reviews an innovative art exhibit by the New York Historical Society.

September 9, 2023

Arts & Culture, Elyza Bruce, Rebecca Rutstein, Summer 2023

The synergy between the arts and the sciences: representing the wonders of the natural world through visual art

Rebecca Rutstein, an interdisciplinary artist, and Elyza Bruce, Common Home Editor, discuss artistic process and the interconnected synergy between science and the fine arts.

August 28, 2023