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These pieces investigate how artists and cultural movements are influencing policy and practice using interdisciplinarity, emotion, and humanity.

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Arts & Culture, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Erin Cline

How the Humanities Can Help With The Climate Crisis: How ethics, culture, and spirituality can galvanize climate action 

Our traditions and practices are often rooted in deep connections to the land – even when those practices are harmful to the environment. Professor Erin Cline discusses how studies of ethics, culture, and spirituality we can help us navigate our complex relationship to the natural world– and garner broader climate action support.

October 17, 2022

Arts & Culture, Marion Cassidy, What We’re Watching

What We’re Watching: Connections Between Humanity and Nature

Marion Cassidy, Common Home’s Arts and Culture Editor, reviews three films that comment on the connection between humans and nature.

October 17, 2022

Arts & Culture, Climate Change, Marion Cassidy

Curating Climate Change: How a new museum in NYC is creating community through teaching people about climate change

Saskia Randle, Design and Curatorial Associate at the Climate Museum in New York City, shares insight into what it’s like to create and work at a museum dedicated to teaching people about Climate Change. Randle highlights the potential museums have to inspire climate conversations and civic action.

October 17, 2022