Food & Water

A dead fish on top of cracked, dried mud

Food & Water Security

These pieces focus on the challenge of sustainability and equitably providing for a growing global population in the face of climate change, pollution, conflicting governmental policies and corporate greed.

Environmental Justice, Food & Water, Kyle Paoletta, Spring 2022, Sustainability

Fallowed Ground

Common Home Correspondent Kyle Paoletta takes us to the southwest where the first concrete test of America’s ability to adapt to the climate crisis is underway: the agreement regulating use of Colorado River water—responsible for supporting California’s biggest cities and agricultural production—is up for renegotiation.

February 13, 2022

Food & Water, Mark Agard, Spring 2022, Sustainability

How Campus Works: Water and Power

Whether the thousands of feet of water pipes under the campus or the solar panel fields that span across the Mid-Atlantic, it takes a lot to maintain the modern amenities of a campus like Georgetown. Editor Mark Agard offers a glimpse into the process required to supply running water and electricity across campus.

February 10, 2022

Worker with face mask on aquaponic farm, sustainable business and coronavirus.

Food & Water, Spring 2021, Sustainability

Growing Up

Andra Roventa, a Georgetown graduate student, studies the feasibility of vertical farming to reduce food insecurity in Brooklyn.

July 8, 2021