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Fall 2023
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Editor Letter, Fall 2023

We’re pleased to present to you the sixth issue of Common Home, Georgetown University’s online and print magazine on environmental news and analysis from the Earth Commons Institute (ECo). We extend a special welcome to three new editors who joined our editorial board this summer: Elyza Bruce, Cecilia Cassidy, and Madhura Shembekar. 

Across the issue, we highlight stories both near and far with pieces from professors, academics, alumni, artists, and students alike. Just as in many of our issues, we approach environmentalism and sustainability from a multidisciplinary lens, showcasing a diverse set of stories, projects, topics, and companies. 

In many of this issue’s pieces, arts and science converge, revealing the profound impact of creative expression – whether performance arts, poetry, sculpture, or painting – on our understanding and engagement with environmental issues. We are once again reminded that the fight for a sustainable future is not solely confined to laboratories and boardrooms. 

As always, we seek to explore tangible solutions to environmental challenges – particularly those brought to life by Georgetown’s own alumni – including energy storage solutions, sustainable finance, urban farming, and sustainable food systems.

We would also like to extend our utmost gratitude to Yuki Kato, Rebecca Rutstein, Johannes Rittershausen, Charlotte Taylor, Luke Holden, Silvia Danielak, Jane Winters, Ashanee Kottage, Ajmal Khan, Jan McFee, Sara Jordan, and Alexandra Pyne, who all contributed greatly to articles in this issue.


The Common Home Editorial Board

Maya Alcantara, Elyza Bruce, Cecilia Cassidy, Marion Cassidy, Alannah Nathan,  and Madhura Shembekar

Undergraduates at Georgetown University

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