Editor Letters
Spring 2022

Editor Letter, Spring 2022

It is with great pleasure that we present the second issue of Common Home, a Georgetown student-led magazine on all things environment & sustainability.

The publishing of our second issue falls in the aftermath of COP26, a landmark summit that, though not without certain advancements, revealed the lack of sufficient momentum to mitigate the climate crisis. More than ever, COP26 demonstrates what is still required of us—the next generation of leaders.

Our articles travel near and far. Drawing from stories from right here on campus, we investigate our school’s water and electricity supply, we feature our very own faculty’s critical environmental research, and present new courses, programs, and clubs. Reflecting globally, we digest the outcomes of COP26, outline the importance of climate finance, and discuss activist burnout…and more.

In these pages, we explore the work of Georgetown professors Matthew Hamilton and Gina Wimp on salt marshes; Patricia Vieiria on an artistic interpretation of plants; Natsu Onada Power in performance art meets activism in Japan, and Martha Weiss on the ecological impact of insect memories.

A special thank you to our guest writers Daniela Fernandez, Jillian Dyszynski, Claire Catenaccio, Madeleine Babin, and recent graduates Clara Chiu and Erin LeGoff. We are delighted to share your voices with our readers.

In a spirit of care for our common home, we hope this issue will serve as a step towards a more sustainable planet.


The Common Home Editorial Board
Marion Cassidy, Sadie Morris, Maya Snyder, Mark Agard, and Alannah Nathan
Undergraduates at Georgetown University