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Spring 2023

Editor Letter, Spring 2023

We are thrilled to present to you the fifth issue of Common Home, Georgetown’s magazine on environment and sustainability from the Earth Commons Institute (ECo).

In this issue, we dive deep into issues surrounding the ocean. We talk to Elizabeth Hogan (SFS ‘97) about some of the biggest problems plaguing marine wildlife, as well as her experience in the field as a marine conservation scientist. Farther out to sea, we examine the fascinating oddity of rafting species—floating ecosystems which have been found growing on dead trees, debris, and even plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

We highlight stories where the resources of the ocean—and of the land—are managed sustainably while also meeting the vital needs of communities. Candice Powers (CAS ‘22) illustrates the wealth of environmental benefits of certain marine food systems, such as māra mataitai—an approach to mariculture traditionally practiced by Māori communities emphasizing reciprocity between humans and the ecosystem. Alannah Nathan (SFS ‘24) covers innovative technological solutions emerging in the private sector to grow food more efficiently and sustainably. Shelby Gresch (SFS ‘22) reflects on urban farming—a growing practice in cities like DC—and how the Georgetown Hoya Harvest Garden may contribute to our local community.

Lastly, this issue also aims to spotlight underrepresented voices and issues in the environment, especially regarding Indigenous perspectives and the right to access resources. Sadie Morris (SFS ‘22) highlights the significance of the Klamath River dam removal for the Yurok, Hupa, Klamath, and Kurok communities. Green Commons Award recipient Anya Wahal (SFS ’23) travels to Arizona, where farmers are struggling amidst the state’s water crisis.

Gillian Meyers (SFS ‘23) analyzes the durability of corporate-Indigenous partnerships and their interests in protecting people, profits, and the planet. We are excited to share with you an issue that features the most Georgetown student voices yet. We would also like to give a special thank you to our esteemed guest writers within and beyond Georgetown. We are delighted to share your voices with our readers.

The Common Home Editorial Board
Maya Alcantara, Marion Cassidy, Deena Eichhorn, Alannah Nathan, Maya Snyder, and Nishitha Vivek
Students at Georgetown University

With support from Katryn Bowe and Sadie Morris (SFS ‘22)

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