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Water in the West: The Story of Farming in the Colorado River Basin

By Anya Wahal, Green Commons Award Recipient, SFS ‘23

Farmers in the southwest have relied on the Colorado River Basin as a water source for generations, but increasingly drought-ridden lands have diminished crop production, failing to meet nationwide food demands and taking away crucial income local farmers need to survive. One farmer says her constant worry feels like “razor blades are scraping the inside of [her] stomach.” 

If we don’t do something markedly different, we’re not going to be here.

In her new documentary, Walsh School of Foreign Service student and Green Commons Award winner Anya Wahal visits the Basin and speaks with farmers who are struggling as rising temperatures and persistent droughts threaten their work and livelihoods. 

Drought-Stricken, Arizona Farmers Face Bleak Growing Season

Green Commons Award recipient Anya Wahal shares her insights on the dynamics of the water crisis unfolding in the American Southwest in Common Home magazine.

Sharing personal stories is just one way we can reshape the climate justice conversation. Green Commons Awards provide funding to help uplift stories sparking important conversations on sustainability and environmental issues. Awards up to $5,000 are available for a variety of student and staff projects, from guest speakers to creative endeavors. Spring 2023 applications are due on May 17.

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